Flash Hider BW-347 for AK47

Flash Hider
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Muzzle Brake for 5.45: CAYMAN

Muzzle Brake for 5.45: CAYMAN

Flash Hider 5.45 cal. for AK/AKM

Flash Hider 5.45 cal. for AK/AKM

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Tactical afterburner flash hider for M14x1 left-hand thread is intended to eliminate the flash of discharge, to reduce sound and recoil. Used for camouflage.


  • Best results for 7.62 cal., can also be used for 5.45 cal.;
  • Eliminates whiteout of night-vision devices;
  • Heavy duty aluminum alloy and heavy duty steel;
  • Protective coating.


  • Elimination of the flash of discharge;
  • Reduced recoil;
  • Reduced sound of discharge;
  • Shooter camouflage.


  • Left-hand thread M14x1LH;
  • Any 7.62 cal. rifles with M14x1 left-hand thread;
  • Kalashnikov USA: KR103;
  • AK47;
  • VPO-136/133 rifles.

DIMENSIONS: 123х36х36 mm

WEIGHT: 0.240 kg

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